About Us


When our grandfather Carlo boarded the liner Victoria bound to Buenos Aires in the early years of the 20th century, he brought with him a strong espresso culture and a passion for Italian coffee that he wanted to stay in the family for generations to come.
After our grandfather fueled this passion, the Martinez family fell in love with coffee. And we started sourcing and selling the best coffee beans we could find from various countries around the world. More than 80 years later, his grandchildren have created  a brand of gourmet specialty coffee that not only represents our family’s heritage, but it also honors the continuous efforts and passion of four generations.
Café Vianté is rooted in our predecessors’ efforts and their understanding of coffee which was passed to us a gift. We present it to our consumers in single-serve capsules. Something our grandpa would have never understood or could not possibly foresee. But that continues to grow as the preferred method for espresso preparation at home.

Café Vianté is our family and our story. Join us!






Ana Poletti - CHAIRMAN

Ana was born in an Italian family of immigrants. She understood what good coffee is all about from a very early age.

She quit her job as a school teacher in the mid 70s after getting married to Carlos Martinez. Together they started a family and what became their first business. Manufacturing home appliances and coffee machines.

That entrepreneurial journey continued and developed into several different ventures. The last of which is our current company.

She comes from a generation that had access to all-organic foods and produce grown in small local farms. She is increasingly critical with the industrial food revolution and the genetically modified crops.

She is against disposable products whenever they can be avoided and considers herself a “product re-using guru”. Something she tried to inflict in us from a very early age.

Gonzalo Martinez - CEO

Gonzalo is the youngest of Ana’s two kids. His first memories have him playing at his dad’s factory and learning about appliances.

He always showed a strong interest in health and big empathy with other people’s problems and our planet’s issues. As well as a passion for design and technology. These are the reasons he graduated from medical school, became a family practitioner and then pursued a degree  in micro surgery.

His father’s death and his passion for the family business were the reasons he joined the company almost 8 years ago.

A coffee connoisseur himself and a trained barista, Gonzalo combined all his passions into this job. Designing a distinct coffee experience and innovative brewing technologies. His interest in health and the wellbeing of communities had him focus on giving the company  a strong emphasis on environmental remediation strategies as well as other social responsibility programs here and abroad. Where they are needed the most.

He is a father of a boy and passionately works on leaving a better world for him.

Samanta Martinez - COO

Samanta joined the company when she was just a teenager. She overlapped her job with a career in hospitality and hotel management before becoming and accountant and business manager.

She is a thorough administrator with expertise and experience at different levels of business management. She controls our company’s logistics, inventory planning, cash-flow analysis and budgeting. And she oversees customer relations and key account management. She is as versatile a manager as she is focused.

A mother of two girls, Samanta is a big advocate for making healthy nutritional choices and developing healthy and sustainable habits for her family. Our company’s focus on fair trade practices, organic coffee and environmentally-sound pods and company-running style have her engaged and motivated. And she constantly pushes to include more and more of these practices at various levels of the company.


Café Vianté is a gourmet, artisan coffee company that focuses on a highly distinctive coffee-drinking experience. Who sources the highest quality beans   from small farms we know and partners we trust. Supporting their businesses and communities and creating meaningful relationships with those around us.
We are set to create a small but engaged group of coffee-loving customers that share those values with us. People  who are always looking for ways to improve themselves and want to have a positive impact on others.
We are fueled by our passion for coffee and our commitment to always give back to our planet and our community. With the goal to become a fully sustainable business with a carbon-negative footprint.

We exist to create experiences where passion and purpose come together.